a photo diary of a springtime trip home

My Summer has started in Springtime and it's pretty damn wonderful, it's something I know I'm now going to yearn for yearly and if it's not arrived in time I'll book a ticket to wherever the sun shines and the drinks are flowing. I really could spend my days wandering the warm hue toned streets of sun flooded cities, I'm a people watcher, as a lot of us are, I pick out fine details, ask mental questions, draft stories in my head; whatever it is, it's inspiring, it refuels every inch of me being somewhere different now and then, every few weeks or months if possible. Unknown cities, home like Kraków and the southern coast of Portugal, I just feel like I fit there, not that one needs to squeeze themselves anywhere, but my energy, however I'd define it, sparks and glows in these places in Europe beyond the UK. I'm used to hearing two languages on a daily basis, perhaps there's an on-the-go home feeling hearing multiple languages spoken whilst walking by old family run cafes and fold out markets. The change of scenery excites me, I'm drawn to old architecture, run down but beautifully traditional houses and monuments, the intrinsic details found in every corner. The warmth of people so different to yourself that you merely exchange a look or bump with, is a constant delight, even just gazing from a distance at others as they become absorbed with laughter enjoying their afternoon is heartwarming to see. This year I've felt and heard from so many others around me about feeling lost, unsure and in a haze of how to exist. Some complain about us being too desolate, but it's something a colossal amount of us feel; I stopped looking to find a place I'd then be found, I stopped trying to un-lose myself and kept moving aimlessly in destination but towards those and surroundings in which fuel me; yes, this shamelessly involved a lot of cafes. I just think as long as I'm gravitating towards what charges me, intentions honest, hard work non stop but play still on full blast, then it'll fall into place. One day it'll fall into place, or maybe multiple and it'll still feel like one.

with love, Kat