what i'm wearing

new look tie up broderie blouse, abrand jeans, new look black sandals and a plain black jack wills cross body bag 

I think I'm still in denial at how outrageously beautiful the weather has been since I set foot back in England over a week ago, I've most likely just jinxed the goodness of it saying so. With flowers blooming from corner to corner, light blue skies and long grass swimming to the wind across the distant hills, I've fallen for the broderie trend, like many others. It's a nostalgic style of clothing, it's delicate and sweet, without being too childlike, though it posses the memories of more carefree, worry-less days. When I first saw it becoming a season must-have, I was adamant about not falling for any of the elusive tops and mini dresses, yet I have with no regret.

the good thoughts

My head's a messy place a lot of the time, unbeknownst to many others, I keep it unintentionally very well hidden; I spend a lot of time using coping tactics when unwelcome, taunting thoughts spin around or appear from nowhere, but that's not always the case. There are also so many other times I'm sat feeling all giddy because of happy thoughts, such as the idea of living in a little crappy apartment one day in a foreign city, a road trip through Italy, a movie night with my best friend with an abundance of snacks and wine, they don't sound like much, but certain those thoughts I spend a little extra time thinking of, are so needed and make me feel good. The thought of upping my content, letting go and pushing myself more in a positive light, thinking it gently but with motivation and drive, slowly transcends into my reality. Thinking of all the pennies I've saved and saving for mini trips away, oh fresh coffee down a cobbled Spanish street, late night tapas and drunken dancing; the thing is, which makes these thoughts all the better, I'm not just sitting there thinking and then doing nothing, I still actively pursue them in any way I can. Is this balance I've found!? One can only hope it'll stick.

with love, Kat