what i'm wearing

striped yellow tie up dress from nasty gal

I'm ridiculously glad to be melting as I step outside once again, summers finally settled in and amazingly I've found my calendar quite busy day to day; things are happening, celebrations, trips, work still ongoing and forever exciting. This year, is the year I finally let go, the year I've said yes more and have less guilt in saying no to shit I don't care for, small personal developments have wonderfully blossomed in the last 6 months, I've got more trust and faith in myself and a hell of a lot of determination to work even harder for the life I want, all without the pressure of feeling like there's a sell by date of 25. It wasn't until the last week I've really been hit by excitement of what's to come, I don't mean anything extravagant, I'm yet to attend some elaborate Gatsby blow out, but the prospect that there's some incredible ladies I'm going to get to meet, reconnecting with a certain someone, warm summer dates with my other half, trips back home and to the sea and of course the heavy heat; I hope it sticks around for longer than the week we've been promised. It's amazing how much the intense shift of weather has on so many of us, with myself I find the more stereotypical the season is, the more I've got my shit together; throughout summer, the hotter, more tanned and longer the hours are, well there's no explanation needed, if you know you know. Just as throughout autumn to winter, the change in scenery, is drastic and utterly beautiful, along with spiced drinks and the festivities building up, it keeps me going. I keep going. I love to indulge in the busyness of life around me, I look forward to putting myself out there more, shooting out in public more to get the shots, to connect more with brands and keep consistent with my content. I'm not someone who waits for the hustle of life to find it's way to me, but I very easily hold myself back, but realising more and more that the fear is meaningful, it's needed and that we'll always going to find a reason not to do something, but should focus on finding a reason to do so instead, has completely altered my energy and cleared my path only slightly but enough for me to push myself further with nerves but enthusiasm. I suppose what did scare me, now only scares me if I don't go for it.

with love, Kat