what i'm wearing

forever 21 puff sleeve crop top, suede zara skirt and h&m faux suede mules, with a michael kors rose gold disc necklace and todds handbag.

It truly does feel as though summer has lasted a while this year here in England, it's miraculous. Even though the heavy heat has flared up my skin at times, has given me fainting headaches and lightened my newly dyed darker hair, it's been pretty damn glorious. I feel I'm in a 'summer mood' haze and I love it; everything's deeply warm, dry and tonal, the hot but slightly cooler gusts of wind are a treat, the pace is slower but still happening. Inspiration beams everywhere, the travel bug is real, but on a whole I'm feeling content.

Slipping into my little make shift summer trend co-ord, it evokes everything about my ideal summer lifestyle that I adore. I feel chic, but cool against the heat, subtle but bold. It's an outfit that evokes a feeling, it perks me up, gives me a spring in my step; it's playful, which is how I want to prance about for the remaining few weeks of summer. There can be an abundance of pressure that comes with summertime, from always seeing people on endless trips, one after another, to always having the on point summer goddess dewy appearance, when really we're sweating, sat in our underwear drooling because we can't cool down in our dried out garden. I came into the season with some pennies saved, holiday in mind but no rush and a slower, laid back attitude, which meant I've not set hugely out there expectations that may not happen, then leaving me disappointed and it's been wonderful. It's been busy, but also very relaxed and better yet there's a lot more to come. I swear by 'taking it day by day', which has worked wonders on my mindset that I've felt a genuine shift in everything I do. Applying it to these few months has been the best tactic for living in the moment and then being able to indulge and find myself having lot's of little plans day to day, rather than constantly waiting for the next one.

"Plan less but with motivated spontaneity."

with love, Kat