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Saturday, 18 August 2018


what i'm wearing

off shoulder mini dress from boohoo, michael kors rose gold disc necklace and todds beige handbag. 

There's nothing like home,
and nothing quite like the perfect fit.

It was like flying home directly to the sun, the temperatures didn't cool or allow much for breathing but I wasn't complaining. Some streets quiet, others, such as where the ice cream bar resides, were sprinkled with people craving something cool and sweet. Back home, nothing changes too drastically, character and tradition remains, it's something I adore about European countries in general, the history that stays for us to see and enjoy. What else I hope that'll stay, is this replica of numerous summer dress staples from high end brands. The LBD has always been a classic, something that'll stay in your wardrobe for hopefully a few years, throw in good cut and tailoring it becomes more than just a basic. 

I'm a simple girl, who still wants a whole lot out of life; the things that please me are long talks over coffee (or wine), out in the courtyard with my best friend, the changing seasons, cooking with my boyfriend and so on. I'm happy with less, I don't need too much, yet there's still a lot I plan on achieving, like living abroad, owing a business or two (ambitious, I know), building a property, learning some more and still forever travelling. Like the simple pieces in your wardrobe, there's a certain richness and warmth when you reach for them, it's easy, faultless and timeless, just like hot coffee and good conversation.

with love, Kat



  1. You can’t beat a simple little black dress. Plus, I’m totally on the same page as you - I’m a simple girl too - I have so much I want to do and achieve as well! xxx

  2. You look phenomenal in these photos! I can't help but think that shoulder-length hair would suit you so well, even though I love your long locks, too xxx

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Your writing always sets the perfect tone as well.

    Milenka x
    Blushing Lately


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