what i'm wearing

rust orange coat from primark, floral last season zara dress, nasty gal boots and my usual jack wills cross body bag

With the sun still striking through the crisp Autumn air, the kettle is forever boiling, myself hidden away underneath thick, soft blankets by the fire with my love, there's a winded down sense of calmness - normally there'd be an eager rush with less sunlight, then hours in the day, but no, I feel wonderful. The air feels slow but sharp, keeping me awake without the need for a worrying intake of caffeine, I'd normally find myself lacking as the seasons turn and the darkness caves in, but there's subtle excitement watching the streets and parks go from green to reds and knowing the festivities are ahead of us. My best friend and I are whisking ourselves away to Paris at the start of next month, I've never been before, let alone to France - no doubt you'll find us in a gallery, sipping coffee on every street, camera in hand, in awe of the romantic city. I've heard others talk of the city in tune of a delicate love letter, the saying "we'll always have Paris", seems to reckon with a lot of people,
and I sure hope it's true. See you soon Paris.

with love, Kat