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(left) shimmering dry oil huile prodigieuse 50ml £21 & (right) huile prodigieuse riche 100ml £32

eau de parfum le matin des possibles  - orange blossom fragrance £49

(left) eau de parfum le soir des possibles - jasmine fragrance £49

facial sunscreen nuxe sun spf 30 £17.50

after sun lotion nuxe sun £16

With Summer long gone and temperatures now reaching freezing, I'd normally be struggling with my skin due to the change in weather, amazingly I'm not, yet even when I am, it's not likely I'm going to do much about it. I've always admired those with a beautiful range of mid - to high end beauty products, maybe it's the branding, the pleasing aesthetic making you feel more regal and up to date in adulthood. I won't lie, it's a comforting thing to have some sort of routine for the morning and evening, if there's one part of my life that's put together, it can be that. Nuxe, oh Nuxe, there's something so luxurious but understated, each time I've used their products so kindly gifted to me, I dreaded the day I'd run out; no doubt then anticipating purchasing them and more myself afterwards.

It's a brand I've known from afar, forever wanted to try and am always drawn to in store, duty free or abroad, wherever I am. It's founded on instinct and nature, with a sensual approach connecting women to their inner beauty. When a brand goes into such depth and meaning like Nuxe has, it instantly connects you more to the products and process.

Each product is gentle, kind and nourishing on the skin, the fragrances are the perfect amount, never will you feel too heavily coated. It's no lie I shout it from the rooftops to people, encouraging them to take a look at all the products Nuxe has to offer, they've recently launched their Christmas shop for such affordable prices, I swear I might just go and buy a gift from me to me.

Shop the Nuxe christmas range here

with love, Kat