*I do not own any of these images, they can all be found credited here on Tumblr and Pinterest

I've never been one for posting my mood boards, I assume to just leave my Pinterest and Tumblr, my two prime sources of inspiration, as social links on my blog; however I always find myself coming across others and seeing it as an even more simplified version of the abundance of art and inspiration out there, that makes for surprisingly good content. Like most of us creatives, we find ourselves in a rut, quite frequently, with endless cups of caffeine making it's way into our blood, we let the hours go by with doubt and stress. You can't force great ideas and inspiration from no where and sometimes something, but what you can do is indulge in finding some great pieces out there you simply like, then perhaps the dominos will fall and you're then smack bang in the middle of wondrous ideas and a new lease of creativity. 


My style in photography has changed a lot since the days I first picked up my camera many (many) years ago, I'm thankful for all the experimentation and the support of others from the early days of perhaps pretty crap focus and editing. My best shots, more recently, that I've felt my most fulfilled taking, is in the striking afternoon sunlight, forcing glorious shadowing and gleaming shines. The warm tones that the light oozes, is nostalgic to many years of slow summer days. For me warmth is a mood all year round. 


Bright white, scared me. It did, it was too clean, too definite, for the lack of better description. Off-white is a match made in heaven, it's laid back demure, but classic elegance, it fits all styles, from smart to bohemian. I believe you can bulk it up with one or two similar colours, whites, beiges etc, with a variation of shapes, silhouettes and textures, and nothing feels the same, it always is different and creative. 

My creative inspiration heavily falls onto my mood, my ideal mood, a mood. It's about a feeling, a lifestyle more than anything. That's where my creativity brews and aches. To me, the photos selected above, they're calming, a comfort but an edge too. 

Let me know if this is a series of blog posts you'd like to see continue, it'll always be set out slightly different, they'll be another soon, perhaps more art or architecture based. Any way loves, bye for now.