Simple yet spontaneous. A whole post dedicated to one piece of very affordable earrings, not a collection just the one. In the world of bloggers and influencers, however humble you may be, in yourself and your approach, it's easy to feel pressure to post to due scheduling, to have an abundance of detail and a 10 page worthy magazine spread to publish online. I remember in the start of blogging, in all it's glory, not to diminish what it's become, but the simplicity of posts that scattered the web, that were intimate and relaxed, perhaps more random but personal and honest. 

So here's me sharing a ridiculously affordable, prized possession right now. They make me feel a little French, a little more put together, in fact happy however a mess my hair is or bland my outfit is, it perks it up, these little golden hoops. They're a huge trend, I've voiced my disliked for mainstream trends a lot, but there are the good few I adore, such as the thick, humble hoops, such as these. Easy to wear, cheap (albeit they're not real gold or silver, a struggle for those of us who can easily get irritant reactions from metal, still an affordable option for those who can) and I can't get over the perfect size of them. For this perfect pair of earrings click the product affiliate link below to bag them for only £6!