Contrary to what people have said, I feel Summer has been long and slow, it's not passed by me like a missed train, it's been subtle but lovely. I've spent my time between Surrey, London and Poland, just wonderfully drifting and socialising between wine and vodka. I was grateful I snapped out of the mindset that I had to be floating with a cocktail somewhere in the Mediterranean to have a good summer, when close to home I could make the most of it. 

It's not news I pretty much have the world on my mind from day to day, I'm always horribly overthinking and silently stressing, but I think I've spent the last few months really learning to manage and optimise any negativity or worry that drowns me. It's no easy task to spend extra energy and sanity trying to tame and nurture the instability in your head, but typically and wonderfully in the long term, it's worth it. It's so worth it. I've started to look lighter at life and to be so about it, with ambition and dreams comes immense pressure, and lately I had started to feel it, halting myself and my energy moving forward. I've opened up - allowing myself to really believe what I know I deserve, to visualise and throw myself into the way I want my life now and in the future to be. I dwell too harshly on the small mishaps, the occasionally comparison, then being totally ignorant of my own journey, how far I've already come, the fact I'm on my own timeline.  

I've spent most evenings during the week, sat outside the hugging late summertime evening warmth, a cup of tea in hand and quietly just being present. It became my way of gently easing into a relaxed state for the night, without wanting to scream. The gentler I am on myself, the more energy and a clearer mindset I have moving forward.