You are the art. Your words, your haircut, your clothes, your actions — these display your unique blend of past and present, desire and lack thereof, insecurity and purpose. You are the painting, and everyday you’re painting yourself and the world around you.
Every moment is a canvas is waiting to come to life. The walls of this planet and the walls of your heart are still available to graffiti artists everywhere. There’s still room for redemptive, honest, hopeful colors. You put your brush to canvas with every decision, with every breath. We are the human race.

- Jon Foreman, Tumblr quotes

When I came across this quote by Jon Foreman on Tumblr, I didn't even need to read it twice to know I had to re-post it. I happily consider myself an artist, not only in art and design, but in mind and soul. I strongly believe that we are a canvas, everything around us is a canvas. We create our image, our hopes, our dreams and that we are capable of being the best piece of art we can be.