Pencil skirts can sometimes feel a little too formal, too girlie or perhaps sometimes little boring, so I wanted to add a little edge by pairing it with a baggy monochrome slogan tee and slip on heels.
Tucked in slightly at the front, some may feel a baggy tee with a pencil skirt is un-flattering and messy but if you're after sophisticated grunge this might just be it.

Some people would say to me, 'oh smart you're wearing a blazer', and it irritates the hell out of me, because I love wearing them as a casual jacket rather than a full on jacket or coat. & With them wrapped round the waist when off, it looks just as chic.


They do seem like they'd slip off but they are honestly so comfortable and easy to wear, just don't play football in them if you like.

Having a good eyebrow day I think... I've gone for small details with the ear cuff and modest dangly earrings, only on one ear might I add. As the overall outfit is fairly plain and basic, this adds more roughness to it.