ten beautiful Pinterest photographs to get you inspired

A new self project that I've spontaneously decided to add to my weekly blogs, is a post in which I'll share some of my favourite pins from my pinterest page.

How had I not come across pinterest until recently last year? I have no freaking idea. I am obsessed with it, it only fuels my creativity and motivation, scanning through and selectively pinning things into my own boards (mood boards if you like), is incredibly satisfying. This is the year in which I'll be moving house, so my home & interior board, well is kind of overflowing with wonderfulness. I cannot wait to redecorate and have more space, as well as studio space as well! My interior design style is a mix of Parisian and bohemian, with a slight hint of contemporary, I'm indecisive when it comes to style, so mixing it up is all I know. This applies to anything, fashion, decor, art, photography, it's a good old messy mix.

Like what you see? Want more? You cheeky sod, head over to my pinterest page for more inspiration and get yourself a profile.