Waking up late on a Friday, grabbing coffee and getting a delivery from eLCy, is definitely my kind of morning. There's nothing sweeter than finally having a day off after a week of shooting, knowing you can just lounge around and relax. You'll find me spending today drinking abnormal amounts of tea and catching up on some reading and writing. So please, do not disturb. 

I have been so overwhelmed at the response to my previous post, it warmed my heart to realise how much support I had and have from people. I've received so many wonderful messages, people said I inspired them with my writing, strength and courage. I didn't realise it would gauge this reaction, then again I had no idea why I really started to pour my heart out in the first place, mixed emotions I guess. Learning to open up in most aspects of life, really is the best thing you can do. I've learnt that over and over again through the up and downs in the last year how important it is not to hold in so much, that it causes you to feel so alone and worried. Having the weight world on your shoulders is deathly and brave, it forces you to lift yourself up and then whilst gaining strength through the obstacles, you become stronger, wiser and tougher. I'm constantly amazed by people around me who have battled through hell, sometimes alone and they still continue to go on. They see the light behind the darkness, and even if they don't, they have hope that it's there. Theres' nothing wrong with holding things in, dealing with them alone, just being private. I still do that, we all deal with things differently and that's ok. It's just when it starts to affect you, don't be scared to open up and don't feel like you're burdening anyone.

The thing even more braver than fighting alone, is letting people in. 

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