I'm going to get straight into admitting I was never a fan of these kind of breakfast's, I don't know if I was doing it wrong, or at the time it just wasn't for me. Though I'll say, they do look beautifully delicious and as of late, I am loving them.

I don't think this needs a step by step manual as of how to make it, you just need some common sense  and ideas! Fruits wise it varies with whatever I can find in the store and am willing to spend on it, but small, crushed nuts and runny honey is a must for me... I don't know why, I feel it makes a gorgeous flavour that overall means the plain yoghurt isn't so bland. 
We've all been nagged about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, boosting our morale and energy, keeping us healthy. Me? Well I just take pleasure in putting a little meal together, whether its cooking it or it's raw. It's enjoyable and kick starts you getting busy in the morning. It's like I said in a previous post, it's the little things you spend extra time do, or add a little love to that become a part of your routine and keep you up and going. I spend endless hours on pinterest getting so excited whilst drooling (not literally) over the most gorgeous recipes, and this is just one of the most simple ones you can do. If you feel like adding some flavour and interest into your breakfast, lunch or dinner go take a look at my top picks off of pinterest down below.

bon app├ętit