Who doesn't have at least 1 white, or light shirt hanging in their wardrobe? I'm not one to follow the rules of fashion, such as 'don't wear navy and black together' uhh please, or 'leggings aren't pants', fashion is a form of self and creative expression, it's art, there are and shall be no damn rules, ok? But I will say there are some necessities that I think both girls and guys should have, one of the most favoured and that I think we can all agree on is the beloved white shirt. 
From basic to detailed styles, there's always an endless flow of choices when it comes to choosing, and lets be honest you can mix and match them with anything and everything. I'm sure we all love the dreamy instagram photos when you see some lovely girl waking up in a shirt, cooking up some food or gazing out the window onto the outlook, looking like what we call goals, the picture just looks ideal doesn't it? It's just another case that you can where them whenever you please as well, to sleep, to slum or go out! Plus they do make out for good shots, don't they?
A classic style that'll always leave you feeling relaxed but poised.
 I hope you've got your fix. 

*shirt from Zara, skirt from Topshop*