Hello glorious heatwave, you're felt by my melting face, sweat and creased eyes, the dripping sensation and smudged make up may not be ideal, but I've missed your golden kisses. I remember years ago, in the heat of the summer, having to constantly powder my face over and over again, to stop my foundation from making me appear oiler than I already am. People would point it out Oh you must be hot, your face is so shiny, the eye roll I give over that memory and sigh when I remember how self conscious it made me. We all have natural oils and different skin preference, it's mad the need to conceal that in school felt top priority over skin care. 

Nowadays, we're all grown up, even younger generations are more like us now than we were, we give advice, tips and support each through the wonders of beauty and healthcare. Most days I have the best skin I'll probably ever have, clear & clean, with hope of a sun-touched glow, thankfully through committing to no-fondation anymore, I'm more used to my face, my own untouched skin, that I don't feel the need to cover it up, the bags under our eyes? Normal. Wrinkles and creases? Normal. I've even scraped concealer under my eyes because I don't feel the need to look like an airbrushed doll. I've written before being inspired by Clémence Poésy regarding why we cover our dark circles, she stated 

she liked seeing people in a raw state, viewing more honest emotion that shines through facial imperfections. 

Honestly, I've never been that good at the art of makeup, I see so many people do it beautifully, they have a skill, a talent I don't possess, and that's ok! It's to each their own, how we go about it, what we feel we want and need. My everyday routine comes simply, with just two Bare Mineral powders, a lighter shade for my full face, then a darker tone to give me a little colour and shading if you like, with just dark brown powder on my brows, highlight to give me a glow & mascara, it's quick and most importantly easy, for me, an amateur. It's also very plain, so my go-to for a more colourful face, is my god-send of a red matte lipstick, by Bourjois Paris, also putting lip balm on before helps prevent my lips from getting dry, which a matte effect product always does. Just using powder as coverage and an overall best, has been perfect for me, especially when it's hot in the Summer, it works well with my skin, and no powder has worked better than Bare Minerals. 

We all have different skin types, no way is right or wrong, as long as you feel good and are getting the best of what you want and need. You just do you honey. 

with love, Kat 

p.s. After the most horrific recent events, stay safe you wonderful people. My heart will forever ache, as I'm sure everyones will. Those 22 will never be forgotten & my thoughts are with all those injured and affected. We will go on, side by side, because love always wins.