I'm currently engulfed in absolute silence, sat on the porch of our little countryside home here in Poland, the only sounds that arise are the brisk rush of hot wind and the odd bee that whizzes past, forcing me into a state of panic out out of my seat. I'm overwhelmed by the recent content I've shot, not stressed, but frantic at how much I now need to organise and piece together. Ironically, this slight feeling of messiness keeps me on edge in a good way, if I felt too relaxed I worry I wouldn't put the same creative effort into my work.

"you give life to what you give energy to"

A true fact, known to most of us creatives; the more work, mistakes, constant trial & error, only helps develop and bring your work to its absolute best. It's easy to yield our energy onto the wrong things, even people - some will flush you of it, without a care in the world, leaving you feeling empty and  used. This is why I think it's so important to keep in check of where you're manifesting your time and effort, every second is precious and shouldn't be wasted blindly. We have all the time in the world, we really do, you can make it so, but we also have so little time, we never know what's coming, so why should the best parts of us be worn out by those who don't appreciate it. 

with love, Kat