I haven't been home in a while. I really don't like that I hadn't been for so long, but it was the same old time & money issue, silly excuses but simply the reality of modern day life. Does it sound too cliché to say I feel I've come back as a completely different person, a better reinvented version of myself, that feels good and that I'm proud to be, compared to who I was and toyed around with for many years? I've come back more sure of myself, care-free, content? All it is, is growth. Yet isn't it just so strange, funny perhaps, how when we re-visit a certain place, feeling or person, that you actually sense the change you've been through, with a fresh set of eyes. Certain things that are completely the same, still aren't, because you're what's different.

Sometimes distance gives you a lot of clarity. Whether it's intended and you voluntarily walk away for some much needed space, or if it occurs naturally, if anything only good will come out of it, you'll understand things better, it or yourself. Sometimes we suddenly accept a situation from the outlook better than when we're intimately intwined; taking a step away, exiting ourselves from the fire and sitting far back where the smoke travels, isn't selfish or you running away cowardly, it's simply a necessary need for a fresh perspective. Rather than rushing around frantically trying to put out the blazing fire, from which it's fumes leaves you fighting almost blindly, a step away to access the circumstance is sometimes no doubt a more beneficial way to deal with whatever it is you feel you're running out of options with.

As much as we want the close-up, for details and imperfections, sometimes we need to see the big picture from a distance, to get the wide-screen view & answers we need.

with love, Kat