"I knew I matured when I realised every situation doesn't need a reaction" this is the truth, an honest realisation you have with yourself, as you make haste through your 20's. There's a mix of maturity after college, some act like we're still in the school playground, others are firm and some in-between, the way we deal with things, our understanding and perception of them, always changes as we grow older through experience. We find ourselves at odds with those we've been all merry with for many years, we clash and get confused and frustrated over lacking that middle ground. 

So when does a situation not require a reaction? When is enough, enough? That we have to leave it and walk away. Why should the other person get the last word, or be left with perhaps the wrong idea of you? Well, you simply pick your battles.

Not everyone will see the world the way you do, or a situation, a person or issue, and that's ok. We're smart enough to realise that everyone's different; we're all wildly unique, full of passion and young enthusiasm for life, especially in a world like today when we're all trying to make something not only of just ourselves, but make a change in the beautiful planet in which we live. Yet when it comes to even the smallest of things, sometimes it is just not worth the energy or hostility to get your point across, or to explain and justify yourself and so on. 

From time to time, you just have to walk away with confidence in yourself and have faith your own truth of whatever it is.

We won't always make the perfect judgement in which of those we stay to fight for or which we leave, but we learn. We gain the strength to hold our tongues and be the mature figure & just because you walk away, does not mean you lose. Believe me.

with love, Kat