It's like I can't sit still. I'm constantly browsing weekend getaways, cities to explore, scenic grounds to shoot. The confidence in the new direction I'm slowly heading to with my blog & photography, is exciting and I'm thankful I've reached this point; it's making me so eager but also unsettled, which eventually makes me frantic and un-sure of where to start, I suddenly lose complete sight of it all. I snap out of it quickly, with little reminders, lists and positive thoughts. Normally the drastic switch of my positive mentality to a negative one, would drag out for days, most of the time unnecessarily, however through gratitude and optimism, I slowly get back on track. 

I picked up my idea of a pretty near perfect go-to white summer skirt, from Stradivarius in an outlet store back home, with its brown retro buttons and heavenly fit, it's a piece I've wanted to get my hands on for a while and finally have. I've grown accustomed to purchasing basics and less clothing, to mix & match more, making the most out of what I've got. If you're like me and can sometimes (most of the time) spend a while fluffing around trying to get dressed, when all you want is to be one of those effortless ladies who just grabs chic pieces and jets off, I figured, less clothing, basics & minimal statement pieces, was the way to go. 

It's not been the joyous weather we had in England the weeks before I left, since I got back, so a pop of colour was needed in the shape of this bright red bodysuit from Zara, with a ironic grey striped blazer thrown on top because let's face it, it's chilly though it's July but that's England for you. 

with love, Kat