Who hasn't asked, or been asked, "so where do you think you'd like to live when you're older?", for years and years this was a fun question, exciting to think of, something to look forward to and fantasise about, but sometimes as you get older it's simply daunting. You become more and more aware of the reality of it, how to make it happen, can you? will you? a lot of the time we then convince ourselves it's not entirely possible. It's then quite easy to settle in one place, you justify staying put with normal reasons, such as money, family and friends. 

The thing is, life won't change if you stay put. At least once and a while, you have to get out; go somewhere new, try something new, these things won't come looking for you, you have to venture out to indulge in the experience, you have to go out and find it. You won't meet a variety of widely different people if you only intend to socialise in the same few mile radius you live in, you can't expect to. 

We all have our comforts, yet you see we don't have to let go of them fully, but we can escape our comfort zone, now and then for diversity, inspiration and adventure. We need to grow in one way or another and that doesn't happen in the same surroundings we're overly familiar with. Does it?

Growing up, one thing has become apparent, we all reach that point where we want that carefree attitude and exhilaration we once had for the future as a kid.

"none of us want to be in calm waters all our lives."- persuasion 

with love, Kat