part 1

Ok, first up, it's a common one, we've all felt it and it's rather wonderful. It might be a rainy afternoon and you'll be tucked away in the corner of your local cafe, sipping at your frothy hot coffee, or perhaps you're snuggled up on a sofa, or outside in the sun, sat perky on the garden furniture right before you devour yourself in conversation with one of your closest friends. You'll get lost for hours, talking and talking as the sun goes round, you don't notice your empty cup of joe, or the drop in temperature, you're fully immersed in the allure and simplicity of good conversation. 

Whether it's during or after, you reach a point of subtle gratitude, a sense of calm and contentment, you smirk at the fact that something so simple, so normal, has filled you with happiness. You've gained something, nothing materialistic, but you've fed your soul, by drenching yourself in laughter, honesty, silliness; for those few hours you just let go, as the minutes go by, you think less and let your inner thoughts, questions and jokes pour like waterfalls. 

'Talking' feels oddly special nowadays, a luxury when it's something that's normal, a way of living, a necessity, but in light of todays manner, maybe the art of conversation has been lost over the last few years, since the virtual world has overtaken our means for communication. Now it's like an old tradition, it's almost something of a treat to get lost in words for a few hours with another. Personally I find it's rare that you meet those who are willing to talk so freely, to scour deeper into their thoughts, to open up and be vulnerable through mere words. 

Nonetheless, it's a remedying feeling, to know you can feel such euphoria, from a simple everyday delight. It's free, can be had at any day and at any time. 

  1. a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

with love, Kat