a mother and child & four studies of her right hand, 1904, by pablo picasso

resting woman, 1936, by henri matisse

portrait de man ray, january 3rd 1934, by pablo picasso

1885, orange trees and gate by winslow homer

street in naples, by paul gustave fischer

study for the medieval war scene, 1865, by edgar degas

scene of war in the middle ages by edgar degas

mexico, state of oaxaca, 1963, by henri cartier-bresson

untitled (quais), 1958, by henri cartier-bresson

monica bellucci, by helmut newton

On a weekly basis I've decided to 'curate' and share with you a couple of artworks that at the current time inspire me or I simply adore. Like many, I've grown up with art in many forms, surrounding every inch of my life; from watching my mother paint my bedroom into a wonderland of disney characters, to architectural trips around the country, watching fashion evolve and my own fine art studies. If there's one career route that still lingers and tickles my mind, it's working in a gallery, in any way I can.

a brief verdict

One thing I like next to a finished piece itself, is the rough studies showing part of the journey alongside, sometimes I prefer the un-finished sketch or two randomly placed across the canvas, to the perfected outcome. There's honesty in that, mistakes and rawness; you can almost see the questioning and frustration one endured. It's the same for continuous line drawings and abstract portraiture by those such as Picasso or Modigliani, there's an enjoyable chaos, compared to traditional portrait paintings, where ironic realism (expressionism) is highlighted through exaggerated features. I'm drawn to faded colours as of late, perhaps the end of Summer has made me yearn for subtle tones and a lot less boldness in front of me, just simplicity with enough edge to keep me interested. 

with love, Kat

all artworks shown above have been credited and taken from Artstack an online art sharing site, used to discover, share and collect different works.