Coffee, my saviour on these foreboding overcast winter days, though I feel it only awakens me to a certain extent, but either way I truly look forward to a well made cuppa each morning, sipping it as I try to get my bearings for the day ahead. (Don't be fooled, it isn't a dreamy sight; no silk gowns, tweeting birds or graceful awakenings, just I in a worn fuchsia dressing gown, frizzy hair in a half-fallen bun and a puffed up face as I stumble downstairs).

It's been a heartbreaking year, to put it bluntly. It makes me so happy that people have still been able to have one of the best years of their life so far, due to personal achievements, whether that's in work or pleasure, because we all know the media has been full of tragedy, politics have been a load of hair pulling bullshit and too many people have been lost. It's been very easy to lose hope, to lose faith and feel alone in anything that we have been feeling, but we're getting through it, though we need to do better, that will always something that we will and should be doing. As long as there's hope & action, there's a chance & change.

With everything that's happened and continues to go on, never forget to check up on those closest to you, but also those who your gut tells you may need it. Sometimes it's easy to completely overcomplicate situations and overlook simplicities, we're all busy and perhaps so blindly comfortable with our friendships, that we assume it's the same both ends, we believe if something's wrong that that person will come to you, but we know that's not always the case.

It's never a waste of anyones time asking someone else if they're doing ok.

It could very well be all they need, to just admit what's wrong - to talk a little about whatever it is. The sheer action of someone even bothering to ask, could mean the absolute most to someone who desperately needs it and probably feels so utterly alone in what they feel and are struggling with.

There's so much out there that tries, even succeeds, to separate us, to cause drifts and battles, it's disheartening to hear and witness. So I think it's unquestionable to check in on others, to make someone laugh for even just 5 minutes, it's basic human love and decency. All we have is each other, the world can be such a buggering place, it costs you nothing to be kind.

with love, Kat