what i'm wearing

zara blazer and baggy rust coloured shorts, boohoo strappy square neck bodysuit, bershka boots, michael kors necklace and jack wills cross body bag.

My life isn't all that chaotic, at times, yes, it does feel that way, but who's doesn't? There's structure, but small, minute amounts. I like my time to be shuffled around week after week, rather than repeating the same cycle knowing exactly what's to come. I think with a heart and soul all over the place, knowing that I don't want to stay where I am much longer, yet I'll have to till I can make it work, I want to keep it cluttered so I don't fall into boredom and bother of oh why am I not there yet, demotivating myself in the process, then convincing my sudden pessimistic heart that it won't happen to me. I'll always adore the humble quote, life is the messy bits, because in those times, the truth shines, your strength becomes apparent and irreplaceable moments transpire. The memories that erupt out of no where, new friendships found in the most unexpected of places, ideas and changes that shift your aura on a eventless Tuesday evening; all the small doses of chaos, no matter how subtle or vast, they add something to the calm and even in the negative, they add to the meaning.

with love, Kat