*this post contains gifted items

The summer setting has crept in slowly but promisingly. The warm afternoon sunshine that lights up my bedroom in the early evening had reignited my adoration of skincare routines and that down time for a little bit of self care. You see ladies, sometimes there's nothing better than throwing your hair up, ignoring it's dirt, keeping your face bare and untouched from products for a couple of days, quite often it's needed and for a long while that's been the longest skincare commitment I've ever made. I admit to liking the luxury of a product just as I'm grateful for a bargain, I'd rather have less, less clutter, less to overwhelm my skin with, I would hope this outlook would save me money in the long term as a consumer also. It's easy to fall victim to attractive branding and trending aesthetics, but one brand I believe is the whole package, is Beigic. There a brand on the rise and fast, it's understandable and admirable as to why. I've found myself picking my beloved Regenerating Oil over other amazing products I have, which speaks for itself. I look forward to massaging it into my face in the evening, despite the oily hands and the fact I have to pull my hair back. You always know somethings worth it when you can see and feel the effects and feel joy using the product itself. I'm looking forward to trying more from Beigic this summer, winding down in the coolness of the evenings. 

What product have you been reaching for the most lately? 

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